About Us


Chad Roberts – President/Chief Executive Officer

A serial entrepreneur in the mobile technology space, Chad is the founder of Fountainhead Mobile Solutions and guides the strategic direction of the company. Chad speaks frequently on the use of mobile technology in professional settings, with a particular emphasis on health care and membership organizations. Solving complex business problems with mobile technology is one of Chad's greatest passions, which is evident in the energy and creativity he brings to every Fountainhead project.

Owen Stenseth – Senior Web Services Architect

With extensive experience in designing and implementing complex technical solutions, Owen is Fountainhead's answer man. He possesses a unique ability to solve problems by analyzing projects as a whole and honing in on the critical details for implementation. Owen brings incredible enthusiasm for the engineering process that is evident throughout the software development cycle.

Dave Carrigan – Senior Mobile Applications Architect

Dave lives and breathes mobile apps, having focused the last ten years of his career on developing and delivering mobile applications for platforms ranging from Palm OS to Android. With his in-depth understanding of the operating systems, Dave is able to chart the most efficient path to a given solution and avoid many of the pitfalls that lead apps to require costly rework or outright rejection.