Avoid these five development mistakes that can destroy your app

Developing an app must be simple right? There are millions of them floating out in the marketplaces. So how hard can they be to create?


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The answer is hard. Entrepreneur recently identified five crucial mistakes that can destroy your app:


  1. Failing to make sufficient platform considerations. Think about where your app’s users are. If you have a predominantly American audience, then the iOS would be a good platform choice. For international audiences, however, publishing your app on Android may be your best bet.
  2. Thinking of a mobile experience as a downsized web experience. Apps and mobile web do not function the same way, so don’t think about them as the same. It is such an important difference that Apple will reject apps over similar designs.  The same design decreases the value of your app to the consumer—it should be functional and responsive. 
  3. Dropping the ball on monetization. If you are looking to monetize your app, start planning from the beginning and be proactive about using the correct path.  Do what is best for your organization. 
  4. Thinking the app’s going to sell itself. Plan to increase the visibility of your app once it hits the marketplace. With so many apps competing for space, you need to look at your target market, consumer trends and demand and set a goal. 
  5. Trying to be the beta tester for your own app. This app has been your pride and joy. You’ve been working on it for months. In many cases, this stops you from seeing any potential flaws in it because you are so close to the app. Look for the outside perspective—it makes a difference.



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Seven reasons your organization needs an app

If developing an app has continued to be put on the backburner, 2015 is the year to develop and launch one. Forbes recently outlined seven ways your organization can benefit from an app:


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  1. Remain visible: With the average American spending two hours or more a day on their mobile devices, being a part of the app noise with a well-designed app and icon can increase visibility for your brand.
  2. Direct marketing: An app can function as its own direct marketing channel, providing your organization with the ability to target your clients with relevant information, promotions and breaking news.  By using push notifications, you can easily remind your clients about your brand.
  3. Adding value: Whether your organization has a loyalty program or is looking for an easier way to provide valuable information at the literal touch of a button, an app can enable you to provide your customers with that value and more. 
  4. Build your brand and the recognition around it: Forbes draws the analogy of an app as a blank billboard. It provides you with a blank slate that you can develop with the necessary features for functionality and user friendliness.  The more interactive your app, the more engaged your users will become—therefore increasing loyalty.
  5. Engage: The mobile generation is all about engagement; they want to pick up their phone, find a business’ app and communicate with it via text. The more options for interaction you provide your audience, the more likely they will be to communicate with you.
  6. Break away from the competition: Take a look at your competitors. Are they using mobile apps? If not, it’s a great way to differentiate yourself and jump ahead. 
  7. Cultivate loyalty: There are lots of things going on in terms of marketing and customer loyalty. Break through the noise and place your needs at the simple swipe of a phone.